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Important Information about The Combo & The Journey

The Combo & The Journey Include:

🔸The Journey Sets🔸


[The Beginning 66 + The Calling 105]


[The Beginning 66 + The Pilgrims’ Way 75]


[The Beginning 66 + The Home Straight 62]

🔸The COMBO Sets 🔸

The Expert Combo

[The Beginning 66 + Ridge Line 62]

The Master Combo

[The Beginning 66 + Sightseeing 32]

The Novice Combo

[The Beginning 66 + Land Split 18]

The Journey and The Combo are both designed as “Stage Races”, commencing from the same starting point, The Beginning 66 (Kude Chang to Huai Nam Dang). The courses then diverge to different distances.

– As you embark on your journey from one point to another, our team provides transportation to the starting line of each day’s route. Register in advance to secure your transportation at www.TheWestwindTrail.run.

– Once you reach Huai Nam Dang, on the first day, accommodation (tent) and complimentary food will be provided for the evening (October 13th) and the morning (October 14th) at the Eueng Ngern Campground, Huai Nam Dang National Park. Confirm your service access at www.TheWestwindTrail.run.

– For The Combo, a shuttle service will be available to take you to the starting point at Pai Historical Bridge on the morning of October 14th at 05:15 AM.

Race Conditions:

– If you face a Did Not Finish (DNF) situation along the route before reaching Huai Nam Dang, transportation will be arranged to bring you back to Huai Nam Dang. This allows you to prepare for the following day’s race leg that begins in the morning.

– After entering the course, if you realize you cannot start the next day within the initially registered distance, you can request a change to a shorter distance. Inform the officials at The Beginning 66 (Huai Nam Dang). (For The Journey, you can choose Pilgrims’ Way 75 or The Home Straight 62 only. For The Combo, options include Sightseeing 32 or Land Split 18.)

* Please note that if you change distances between stages, you won’t receive a Finisher’s shirt for the newly selected distance.

BIB Collection for the Next Stage:

BIBs for the following stages will be distributed prior to the start on the morning of the next day.

Competition Note:

There won’t be any competition within The Journey and The Combo categories. Participants in The Journey and The Combo who receive awards in The Beginning 66 competition will still be eligible for awards in the subsequent event.

What Participants Will Receive for The Journey and The Combo:

– Finisher’s shirt for each completed stage, totaling 2 shirts

– Finisher’s medal for each completed stage, totaling 2 medals

– 1 The Journey Finisher’s shirt or The Combo Finisher’s shirt (to be sent after the event)

– 1 Event shirt

– 1 Drawstring bag