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CORE Nutrition The Westwind Trail Presented by Mama offers 4 distances:
The Beginning 66
Ridge Line 62
Sightseeing 32
Land Split 18
But one day may not be enough…
The Combo Sets is the perfect option for those who want more!
The Combo Sets:
The Expert Combo: The Beginning 66 + Ridge Line 62
The Master Combo: The Beginning 66 + Sightseeing 32
The Novice Combo: The Beginning 66 + Land Split 18
What is The Combo Sets?
The Combo Sets is a “Stage Race” that starts with The Beginning 66 (Kued Chang > Huay Nam Dang) followed by different distances.
At the Huay Nam Dang finish line:
If you find yourself unable to start the next day’s race, you can notify the officials at the The Beginning 66 finish line (Huay Nam Dang) to switch to a shorter distance.
After crossing the finish line, a shuttle service will be available to take you to the Historic Bridge or Pai town (at an additional cost and by reservation only) at designated times. This will allow you to rest in Pai and prepare for the next day’s race. (Camping at Huay Nam Dang will not be available this year.)
The next day:
The races will start at the Historical Bridge and finish at Wiang Tai Public Park.
Shuttle service will be provided from Wiang Tai Public Park to the starting point.
The Combo Sets is non-competitive. Runners will compete against other runners in their respective distances. Combo runners who receive awards in The Beginning 66 are still eligible to receive awards in the following races.
Upon successful completion of The Combo Sets:
You will receive an additional THE COMBO FINISHER shirt, which will be shipped after the event.
Who’s interested in The Combo Sets?
Let us hear your cheers!